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Training: The Backbone of All Insider Risk Programmes

Steering You Safely Through Insider Risks

Signpost Six offers an extensive range of insider risk training services for both individuals and entire organisations. Our online academy is the first of its kind, with training available in various formats featuring high-quality materials such as bespoke videos and a documentary for all employee groups. Our Academy builds from awareness to mastery and includes milestones for success. Safeguard your business against internal threats by investing in our insider risk training.

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Insider Risk E-learning Insider Risk Mgmt Training Theory Book & Reading List Expert Interview Series Case Library Serious Game Case Mgmt Serious Game Incident Mgmt Snowden Documentary



The table above provides an overview of the available training and their suitable expert levels. For example: The Insider Risk E-Learning is suitable for all expert levels. The Snowden Documentary however, is better suited if you already possess extensive knowledge in insider risk or related fields.

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What our Clients Say

Insider Risk Management Training

"The time spent on the training provided by Signpost Six was invaluable in providing me with much needed tools in building a holistic insider Risk management program. It furthered my understanding of the human factor in designing successful mitigation strategies helping employees to choose the correct path in the face of adversities." Daniel Malmgren, SAAB

Insider Risk Management Training

"Signpost Six's Insider Risk Management for Professionals offered a valuable blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights. The training is clear, engaging, and entertaining, featuring real-life case studies, and accessibility across various devices. It stands as essential for professionals working to prevent insider threats within their organisations"

Senior security professional from the Financial Sector

Insider Risk Management Training

"As an insider risk analyst, this training provided me with several learning items that I can take back to my organization, for example identifying technical tools that can be used to mitigate insider risk. Moreover, this training helps analysts understand Insider risk from a non-technical perspective, as shown by the cultural differences section, which I now recognize as a key aspect of our own program"

Insider risk analyst at a Global high-tech company

Insider Risk Management Training

"The Insider Risk Training equips security professionals to create effective programs, offering accessible content and examples for various corporations. This course consolidates industry practices and fosters professional growth through a fresh threat perspective. As a certified insider risk professional, the course enhanced my confidence, expanded opportunities, and addressed stakeholders' needs."

Security Professional at Philips 

Three Reasons to Invest in Insider Risk Training

  • Protect Business Assets

    Insider risk training equips your team to safeguard financial and reputational assets against internal threats.

  • Foster Security Culture

    Training cultivates a culture of responsibility and security throughout your organisation, enhancing trust and ethical behaviour.

  • Stay Updated on Threats

    Regular training keeps your organisation abreast of evolving strategies to detect and mitigate insider risks.

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