Training: The Backbone of All Insider Risk Programmes

Signpost Six offers an extensive range of insider risk training services for both individuals and entire organisations. Our online academy is the first of its kind, with training available in various formats featuring high-quality materials such as bespoke videos and a documentary for all employee groups. Our Academy builds from awareness to leadership and includes milestones for success. Safeguard your business against internal threats by investing in our insider risk training. The table below provides an overview of the available training and their suitable expertise levels. If you’re having trouble deciding which training is right for you, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us for personalised advice and recommendations.
Insider Risk E-learning Insider Risk Mgt for Professionals Theory Book & Reading List Expert Interview Series Case Library Serious Game Formula E Serious Game Pharma Edition Snowden Documentary



Insider Risk E-learning

This 25-minute e-learning course is designed to enhance manager and employee awareness of behavioural risk signals using the renowned Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology from Shaw and Sellers (2015). This course is ideal for large organisations seeking to tackle insider risk and promote awareness among their workforce. With a price tag of just 49 euros, it’s an affordable and effective solution for companies looking to mitigate risks and protect their business.

This course will help trainees:
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Insider Risk Management for Professionals

With nearly 90% of organisations feeling vulnerable, insider risk management has never been more crucial. Our brand-new Insider Risk Management training programme is tailored to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to mitigate potential threats. Specifically designed for this generation of professionals, this programme provides the ultimate solution for effective insider risk management. Start your training now and be confident in your ability to protect your organisation.

This 15-hour training will help you:

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Insider Risk Theory Book

Theory Book & Reading List

Our 175-page theory book follows the structure of our Insider Risk for Professionals programme, providing a comprehensive overview of the various types of insider threats and the key elements of successful insider risk management programmes. The book includes a reading list of relevant resources to deepen your understanding of insider risk management.

At 50 euros, the theory book is a valuable investment for professionals looking to enhance their insider risk management skills. Order now and receive a 10-euro discount when you combine it with our e-learning course. Or, sign up for our Insider Risk Management for Professionals training and receive the theory book for free.

Hackland Formula 1 Insider Risk

Expert Interview Series

Get access to 15 one-hour interviews with niche experts in the field. Our expert interviews provide valuable insights and knowledge to help you stay ahead of the curve and take informed actions to mitigate insider risks. This product is exclusively available free of charge when combined with our Insider Risk Management for Professionals training.

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Serious Game - Formula E

Step up to the challenge with our thrilling 2-hour simulation exercise that puts your team’s insider risk management skills to the test. With the goal of preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, players will learn how their actions impact their reputation and reflect their risk appetite towards insider risk. This game is perfect for teams of all levels and requires no prior expertise – all information is presented in plain, easy-to-understand language. A dedicated facilitator will be on hand to guide you through the game and help you reflect on the choices you’ve made. Price is available upon request, so get in touch today!

This business game will help you:
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Case Library

The Case Library is a collection of downloadable documents consisting of 10 cases to be used in insider risk discussion groups. Storytelling and case discussions enhance the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter within a community. This can help professionals find alignment about a course of action inside an organisation. Get in touch for further information.

Serious Game - Pharma Edition

Strengthen your organisation’s resilience to potential incidents with our dynamic 2-hour simulation exercise. Led by a professional guide, your senior team will be taken through a realistic insider risk scenario with potentially devastating consequences if not managed properly. This exercise is designed to help your team build their skills and confidence in dealing with insider threats, and to develop a proactive, risk-aware culture within your organisation. Pricing and further information available upon request.

Snowden Documentary

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