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Insider Risk Training for Professionals

Did you know that 97% of all people who committed an insider act were already under official supervision for concerning behaviour? We believe prevention and early intervention through the use of our Signpost Six insider risk management methodology are key.

  • UNDERSTAND the insider risk activity spectrum and early signs of threats.
  • GAIN a holistic view of insider risk management.
  • EMPLOY concrete tools to assess your organisation’s insider risk maturity.
  • IMPLEMENT a roadmap of actions within your organisation.

The insider Risk Business Game


One team. One hour. One mission.

Can you prevent an insider from leaking Team Hendersson’s innovation to the competition? Signpost Six and ARDA Gamified Awareness have teamed up to create a serious business game addressing insider risk. Identify concerning behaviours, connect the dots and choose your strategy to deal with the situation. Will your choices damage your reputation and push people over the edge, or will your interventions save the team before time runs out?

Get into your driver’s seat. Book now! Please contact us for more information!

Introduction e-learning to Insider Risk

Recognising the need of organisations to come with scalable solutions, Signpost Six has designed an e-learning programme focusing on manager and employee awareness of behavioural risk signs and the critical pathway methodology (Shaw and Sellers). The programme enables both managers and employees to recognise and respond to concerning behaviours early on, thereby mitigating insider risks within your organisation.

Investigative Interviewing

Your organisation will learn:

  • How can I play a role in information elicitation?
  • How to judge statements such as “I cannot remember”
  • How to deal with cross-cultural settings
  • What tools to use with non-cooperative or cooperative interviewees
  • How to judge the reliability of the information received

In-company trainings & workshops

Signpost Six offers the possibility of providing training and workshops in-house or off-site for a smaller group of participants. We guarantee an interactive and energizing experience with our experts while focusing on insider risk learning and brainstorming objectives tailored to your organisation. Depending on your organisation’s specific needs, our training can range from ½ day workshops to three-day training.

Some of our key training themes include:

  • The Critical pathway to insider risk
  • Personal vulnerability assessment
  • Counter-social engineering and situational awareness
  • Investigative interviewing Bootcamp
  • Nation-state espionage: threats and solutions
  • Training workshop for insider threat/cybersecurity staff
  • C-suite discussions
  • Industry roundtables