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Insider risks are a growing concern for organisations worldwide. These threats can come from employees, contractors, or business partners. It’s not ‘if,’ but ‘when’ an insider issue will surface.

Such issues can range from intellectual property theft to sabotage and fraud. In our digital age, the risk of harmful actions, both intentional and accidental, is higher than ever. Leadership teams must now adopt a proactive approach to managing these risks, moving away from outdated, reactive strategies.

This is where Signpost Six steps in. We assist organisations globally in preventing and managing insider risks. We protect your core assets while educating your team on risk awareness and reinforcing your internal culture. Our expert-led programmes not only safeguard your organisation but also help prevent accidental breaches, ensuring a secure and trustworthy work environment.

The Rising Tide of Insider Risk

Rise in Insider Risks
Incidents a Day
Feel Vulnerable

The rising frequency of insider risks is too significant to overlook. Recent data shows a 74% surge in insider incidents, with 2,500 happening daily. A staggering 98% of organisations feel vulnerable. These statistics highlight the immediate need for robust insider risk management. They’re not just numbers; they’re a call to action for businesses to safeguard their vital assets. Signpost Six is here to guide organisations through these challenges, offering expert advice and solutions to tackle this growing threat.

Unintentional versus Intentional Insider Risk
Types of Insiders

Three Types of Insiders and insider Risks

It’s essential to understand the different types of insider risks that organisations face today. Above you can find a breakdown of the three most common type of Insiders. Unintentional Insiders are often at the heart of most incidents, followed by Intentional Insiders.

Factors Contributing to New Insider Risks

Factors Contributing to new Insider Risks

Discover the significant factors intensifying insider risks and learn how to mitigate them in today’s evolving digital environment:

  1. Supply Chain Attacks: Anticipate a projected tripling in attacks exploiting third-party vulnerabilities by 2025. Strengthening the security of our supply chains and maintaining constant vigilance is of utmost importance in thwarting these potential threats.

  2. Hybrid Work Environment Risks: As the transition towards hybrid work models continues, 68% of professionals report increased anxiety about the augmentation of insider threats. The ability to harmonize operational flexibility with robust security measures is an imperative in these changing work scenarios.

  3. Digitalisation: The challenge of detecting insider attacks in digital and cloud environments continues to pose significant difficulty for professionals. Nevertheless, as reliance on technologies amplifies, addressing this risk becomes an urgent necessity.

Our Solutions

Navigating Complexity, Ensuring Security

Insider Risk Prevention & Management

We proactively identify, assess, and mitigate the risks that exist within your organisation. Leveraging our expertise in behavioural sciences and advanced technologies, we help you to understand the threat landscape from within. Our comprehensive insider risk management programme provides the necessary framework to prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats, safeguarding your business from detrimental impacts.

Signpost Six Academy

Cultivating a culture of awareness is at the heart of our Academy. Through bespoke training and education modules, we aim to enlighten your team about the nuances of insider incidents, fostering an environment where security becomes a shared responsibility. Our Academy is designed to empower your organisation from within, transforming knowledge into action and thereby enhancing your resilience against insider threats.

Our Approach

A Holistic Pathway to Resilience

At Signpost Six, we advocate a holistic, multi-disciplinary method for handling insider threats, rooted in global research and best practices. We focus on people, recognising they are both the strongest and weakest elements in any security framework.

  1. Tailored Solutions: Every organisation is different, and we customise our strategies to fit your unique needs. This is true for all our services and products. 

  2. Empowerment Through TrainingOur Academy offers in-depth training across your organisation, from frontline staff to the boardroom. We equip your team with the skills to identify and counter insider threats, fostering a proactive approach to security.

  3. Innovative Approaches: We stay up-to-date on the latest trends in insider threat management, continually updating our services to offer the most effective solutions in this ever-changing field.

Insider Risk: Our Approach
  • Insider Risk Management

    We offer a holistic and people-centred solution, including Insider Risk Assessments & Programmes

  • Training and Awareness

    We believe in fostering a culture of awareness through our Academy offerings and Training & Awareness Plan

  • Research Based Solution

    Our strategies are underpinned by extensive research and proven methodologies.

What makes us different

Proactive & Human-centered

Our approach is not to merely react, but to strategically anticipate. We establish resilient programmes by truly understanding the human element in every organisation. Our specialists navigate the complexities of human behaviour in the digital world, and we leverage this expertise to develop industry-leading solutions to protect organisations from the risks within.

Human-Centric Expertise

Our team of experts is composed of psychologists, security specialists, and intelligence and business professionals. Every day, they engage with the subtleties of human behaviour in the digital world, demonstrating a genuine passion and commitment to our mission.

Holistic Approach

We champion a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to insider risk. Our focus is on the interplay between human behaviour and technology, understanding that these two components are deeply interrelated and must be addressed as a comprehensive system. This viewpoint leads to more effective solutions than when technology or human behaviour is considered in isolation.

Where Does Your Organisation Stand in Its Insider Risk Journey?

Insider Risk Assessment

The first step in mitigating insider risk is to understand where you stand

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Insider Risk Training & Awareness

Extensive range of insider risk training services for both individuals and entire organisations

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Step 4
Step 1

Insider Risk Programme

Build to establish proactive measures to prevent future Insider incidents

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Step 3

Continuous Evaluation & Improvement

We believe in long-term partnerships by offering ongoing support to all out clients

Continue Improving

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