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"They have demonstrated being flexible and particularly sensitive to all our stakeholders’ needs and values. We have a long-lasting professional partnership and seek consultation with Signpost Six on any matters revolving corporate espionage and insider risk."— HighTech

"Signpost Six insider risk management training provides all the necessary information needed for you to understand the topic of insider risk and to then build a case for a programme within your organisation."—Financial Telecommunications

"Given the paramount importance of the topic and their level of expertise, I can highly recommend these courses to anyone and any organization."— BioTech

"Signpost Six has provided us with excellent tailor-made and thought-provoking support to establish an Insider Risk Management Program."— Chemicals 

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Insider risk impacts all organisations and industries. In recent years, there has been a stark increase in insider threats as information and systems have become increasingly valuable and vulnerable in a digitised world. Signpost Six is dedicated to helping organisations mitigate this risk.

Insider Risk Management

Although the attack methods vary, the primary types of insider acts — data theft for espionage, sabotage, fraud — continue to hold today. Due to the rising problem of insider threats, more and more organisations are responding by setting up insider risk management programmes. Our mission is to help organisations succeed by improving their internal processes and creating a supportive culture.


Let's talk numbers

0 %
of the organisations say they feel some degree of vulnerability to insider threats
0 %
year-over-year increase in actionable insider threat incidents
0 %
increase in the use of sophisticated insider techniques, to bypass organisations cyber security measures
0 %
of organisations have embarked on or are considering an insider risk programme

Keeping your people and business on track


Insider Risk Management

Our consultancy practice helps organisations design, asses, implement, evaluate and strengthen their insider risk programmes. Our goal is to provide customized solutions that address your unique insider risk management challenges. We tailor our focus to your specific needs


Education is Key

Training, education and communication compose the backbone of all insider risk efforts. We empower both organisations and individuals to tackle the challenges of modern-day insider risks by offering training courses through our training academy.


We are specialists, first and foremost – in insider risk training, consulting and research. Our holistic approach to insider risk management is guided by best practices in insider risk management from the US, UK and elsewhere.

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