We help your business and people stay on track with our Insider Risk management solutions.

Keeping your people and business on track

Signpost Six is an insider risk consultancy training and firm helping organisations retain the value of their critical people and assets by offering a holistic approach to mitigating insider risks from nation-state espionage and organized crime. Our people-focused solutions centre on early detection and prevention, and are based on research-backed findings. Composed of a team of experienced consultants with deep expertise in psychology, intelligence, insider risk and business, we support clients in implementing appropriate countermeasures through our specialized offerings and/or partnerships.

We are specialists, first and foremost – in insider risk training, consulting and research. The result? An evidence-based and holistic approach to insider risk management based on the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology from Shaw and Sellers (2015) and best practices in insider risk management.

Let's keep your business and people on track!