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Our online and certified insider risk analyst training is tailored for established and aspiring analysts. The training is 6 hours long and is designed in three modular building blocks that each focus on specific aspects of insider risk management as well as train the analysts in triaging information, cultivating knowledge about different methods and dealing with various data sources to address insider risk holistically. The training comes with two assignments with personalised feedback and reflection questions. 


Three building blocks with several modules per building block:

Building block 1 provides background on insider risk and its threat environment, the psychology of an insider and what an insider risk programme actually looks like. It focuses on creating an urgency for an insider risk programme, implementing it holistically, and understanding the psychological components of insider risk.

Building block 2 focuses on stating policy, privacy and ethical concerns while looking at data sources in an organisation for setting up an insider risk programme. It goes further towards different models of data analysis and explores biases relevant to insider risk. 

Building block 3 takes a deeper dive into responding to an insider incident and recovering from it. Focusing on organisational setup, and case and incident management processes, it concludes with the delicate undertaking of recovery mechanisms.

This insider risk analyst training is developed to provide professional and academic insights to the participants. Thus, by the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND the insider risk activity spectrum and early signs of threats
  • RECOGNISE analytic methods and data sources most helpful for insider risk management
  • GAIN insights into the case management process steps 

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