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Lowering Risks.

Signpost Six’s Academy is the largest provider of insider risk workshops and training worldwide. Through bespoke solutions for both individuals and organisations, our workshops and training empower participants to enhance their awareness and enable organisations to confidently embark on their insider risk management journey. Join us to learn from industry experts, gain cutting-edge insights, and put your insider risk management skills to the test.

Invest in Your Organisation's Future.

Recognise Insider Risk

Detect and Respond

Adapt and Enhance

Experience Criris Scenarios

Raise Awareness

Gain advanced expertise

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Our Workshops and Training have been trusted by leading organisations, now empowered to enhance their insider risk management efforts.

Workshop Solutions.

Empower your team with Signpost Six’s workshops, designed to build collective awareness and foster a proactive security culture.
Formula E - Serious Game on Insider Risk

Training Solutions.

Enhance your personal expertise with Signpost Six’s Trainings, tailored to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge to mitigate risk.


Signpost Six's Academy builds on the holistic approach to Insider Risk Management that lies at the foundation of all of our solutions. This integrates education, practical application, and ongoing support. Our approach delves deeper than raising awareness: lowering risk and bolstering resilience is at the heart of Signpost Six's Academy.

Our Solutions - Workshops & Training


  • Expert Instructions

  • Customisable Material

  • Skill Development

  • Certification and Recognition

  • Ongoing Support

Joeri Glastra, Signpost Six Consultant

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