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"They have demonstrated being flexible and particularly sensitive to all our stakeholders’ needs and values. We have a long-lasting professional partnership and seek consultation with Signpost Six on any matters revolving corporate espionage and insider risk."
"Given the paramount importance of the topic and their level of expertise, I can highly recommend these courses to anyone and any organization."
"Signpost Six has provided us with excellent tailor-made and thought-provoking support to establish an Insider Risk Management Program.
"Signpost Six's insider risk management training provides all the necessary information needed for you to understand the topic of insider risk and to then build a case for a programme within your organisation"
- Financial Telecommunications 


Being Europe’s leading insider risk expert, providing tailored (market leading) insider risk assessments, programmes and trainings.


Protecting public and private organisations, their people and their assets against insider risks.

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In 2016, Elsine van Os founded Signpost Six in The Hage, The city of Peace and Justice. From the very beginning, our mission has been clear: to empower organisations in proactively identifying and mitigating insider risks, thereby fortifying their security from within.

Over the years, Signpost Six has grown to become Europe’s leading insider risk management firm. Our journey reached a significant milestone in 2023 with the appointment of Dennis Bijker as CEO. Under his leadership, we have expanded our reach and influence, continually setting new standards in the industry.

What sets Signpost Six apart is our unwavering focus on education, training, and strategic advisory services. This year, we proudly launched our own Insider Risk Control Framework, a holistic proprietary tool that we have developed in-house. This framework embodies our dedication to providing innovative and effective solutions that help organisations safeguard their people and data.

At Signpost Six, we aren’t just a service provider; we are a committed partner in the journey to secure your organisation from the inside out. Our story is one of growth, innovation, and an resolute commitment to excellence in insider risk management.

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Insiders do not suddenly emerge. People do not switch instantly from non-malicious to malicious acts. People do not suddenly ‘snap’ and start engaging in acts of data theft or violence. The path towards insider acts is evolutionary, with signposts along the way. Therefore, if you want to understand threats, if you want to predict who may conduct an insider act when and where, then you need to be able to understand the signs.

Signpost Six has developed in-house a holistic Insider Risk Assessment Framework, which is unique in the market. By using this approach and leveraging our team’s deep expertise, we can support the public and private sectors internationally with tailored programmes and solutions.


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Dennis Bijker is the CEO at Signpost Six. Before joining Signpost Six, he was a manager for an intelligence unit within the Dutch Police force and the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs. With a combined background in both economics and intelligence, Dennis has professional experience in creating innovative solutions from an in-depth security perspective. This reflects in his roles as a strategic advisor and project manager for the Dutch Government during several transitional challenges. Dennis holds an MS in Criminal Investigations and a BA in Economics.


With over a decade of expertise in security, technology, and diplomacy, Nina serves as the Director of Business Development at Signpost Six. Her extensive background enables her to work closely with various public and private sector organizations, understanding and addressing their unique challenges. Nina is also a member of the Peace and Security Committee at the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV), advising the Dutch government on foreign policy. Her career began at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and includes roles at Thales Group and EclecticIQ.


Christiaan brings a solid mix of expertise in cybersecurity, risk & strategy. His experience from his previous roles at Capgemini and other consultancy firms have shaped him into a trusted & knowledgeable advisor and manager, skilled in navigating various industries and managing complex projects.

As Senior Manager, Christiaan is playing a key role in guiding our consultants and shaping the development of our young professionals. His approachable style, combined with his focus on structuring complex topics, makes him a perfect fit for our team.


Awinash Harkhoe is an Insider Risk Manager at Signpost Six. He is an experienced professional with a strong background in criminal investigations, specialising in Special Operations and with a particular focus on undermining activities. He has served as a Criminal Investigator while completing a Master’s degree in Criminal Investigations. Leveraging his theoretical knowledge to enhance practical skills in conducting thorough investigations and collaborations. All with a dedicated aim at uncovering and combating undermining activities within the criminal justice system.

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