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At Signpost Six, the leading insider risk management company in Europe, we pride ourselves on fostering a dynamic work environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our thriving team of exceptional professionals is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality, integrity, and sustainability in all aspects of our work. As part of the Signpost Six family, you will join a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for innovation and a culture that embraces ownership and openness. Discover the exciting opportunities that await you in our current open vacancies below.

Our Benefits

There’s life at work and life outside of work. Supporting our employees' personal and professional growth is a priority for us.

Competitive Salary

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Dynamic Work Place

In the Heart of The Hague

Located in the heart of The Hague, the administrative and de facto capital of the Netherlands, Signpost Six benefits from the city’s global significance in law and governance. The Hague hosts key institutions like the International Court of Justice and serves as the seat of the Dutch government. This vibrant metropolitan area combines political, corporate, and international relations expertise, providing an ideal backdrop for our mission to empower organisations in identifying, managing, and mitigating insider risks.

Our Vacancies

Open Solicitation: Join Our Talent Network

At Signpost Six, we are continually innovating and expanding our services in the field of insider risk management. We…

Junior/medior consultant Insider Risk (NL)

We zijn op zoek naar een energieke en gemotiveerde junior/medior insider risk consultant om ons geweldige team bij Signpost…
Insider Risk: Our Approach

Junior/medior analyst Insider Risk (NL)

We zijn op zoek naar een energieke en gemotiveerde junior/medior insider risk analist om ons geweldige team bij Signpost…

Our Team Events

And many more to come!

Careers at Signpost Six suit shopping

Suit Shopping

One memorable team activity took us to Amsterdam for a day of suit shopping. It wasn’t your typical day at the office. We each had the chance to pick out a new professional outfit, tailored to fit us perfectly. No two suits—or people—were the same, and it was a great way to express our individual styles.

After we’d found our perfect fits, we wrapped up the day with some laid-back drinks in the sun. It was a unique and enjoyable experience that reinforced the value we place on team cohesion and work-life balance.

Playing Padel

We embrace our athletic side by engaging in regular Padel sessions. Every few weeks, we hit the courts with some of our building colleagues. It’s not just about the competition; it’s an excellent opportunity for us to unwind, relieve stress, and strengthen team dynamics in a different setting.

These sessions reflect our belief in a well-rounded work environment, where physical activity complements mental agility. 

Careers at Signpost Six Padel

High-Sea Rescue in Noordwijk

We took team-building to the next level with a high-sea rescue exercise in Noordwijk. The outing wasn’t just adventurous—it tested our skills in trust, communication, and resilience. Following the exercise, we learned about the commendable work of KNRM, whose volunteers inspired us with their dedication to helping others in demanding conditions.

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