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E-learning Insider Risk Introduction



In the rapidly evolving business landscape, security threats no longer only come from outside the organisation; they can also emerge from within. Understanding, identifying, and mitigating these insider risks are essential competencies in the modern workplace.

Our Insider Risk training is an e-learning designed to equip both managers and employees with these vital skills. Over a focused 25-minute session, this course leverages the renowned Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology from Shaw and Sellers (2015) to enhance awareness of behavioural risk signals.

Developed from a review of over 1,500 insider risk cases, the CPIR methodology represents the gold standard for understanding and mitigating insider threats. This interactive course follows an example case and explores the factors that led to the insider act, providing you with tangible insights and strategies to apply in real-world situations.

Ideal for large organisations seeking to tackle insider risk, this course promotes a security-conscious culture, empowering everyone within the organisation to contribute to identifying and addressing concerning behaviours and potential insider threats.

For an affordable price of just 149 euros, your organisation can make a practical investment in its security and the well-being of its workforce.

By completing this Insider Risk E-Learning, trainees will:

  • Understand the duty of care towards colleagues, fostering a supportive and vigilant workplace environment.
  • Prevent the derailment of potential malicious insiders by recognising early warning signs and taking appropriate preventive measures.
  • Detect early warning signals that could indicate an imminent insider act, enhancing your organisation’s proactive defense capabilities.
  • Improve the adequacy of the organisation’s response to insider threats, ensuring a cohesive and effective action plan.

The course is composed of an introduction, a step-by-step case study, a theory, a wrap-up video, and optional additional cases to study for further depth of understanding. Interactivity is facilitated through multiple-choice questions, and the training can be completed at your own pace on our online learning platform.

Invest in your team’s security knowledge and protect your business from the inside out with our Insider Risk Introduction E-Learning course.


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