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Our team of experienced experts embodies a wide variety of diverse professional backgrounds. 

"They have demonstrated being flexible and particularly sensitive to all our stakeholders’ needs and values. We have a long-lasting professional partnership and seek consultation with Signpost Six on any matters revolving corporate espionage and insider risk."—HighTech

"Given the paramount importance of the topic and their level of expertise, I can highly recommend these courses to anyone and any organization."— BioTech

"Signpost Six has provided us with excellent tailor-made and thought-provoking support to establish an Insider Risk Management Program."— Chemicals

"Signpost Six's insider risk management training provides all the necessary information needed for you to understand the topic of insider risk and to then build a case for a programme within your organisation"— Financial Telecommunications 

Supporting insider risk journeys

Following the signposts

Insiders do not suddenly emerge. People do not switch instantly from non-malicious to malicious acts. People do not suddenly ‘snap’ and start engaging in acts of data theft or violence. The path towards insider acts is an evolutionary one, with signposts along the way. Therefore, if you want to understand threats, if you want to predict who may conduct an insider act when and where, then you need to be able to understand the signs. Our team of experts, including Elsine van Os and Dennis Bijker will help you identify those signs, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to proactively mitigate potential risks.


Our Team

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Signpost Six Management

Elsine van Os


Elsine van Os is a thought leader on insider risk and has an educational and professional background in psychology, intelligence and security. Elsine van Os has worked on high profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defence and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments on country, asset and individual levels. Elsine van Os has worked in various capacities in over 50 countries. In her work, she has developed and executed methodologies to develop management team members’ and employees’ security consciousness and risk assessment skills. Elsine is also owner of Signpost Film Productions.

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Dennis Bijker, CEO of Signpost Six

Dennis Bijker


Dennis Bijker is the CEO at Signpost Six. Before joining Signpost Six, he was a manager for an intelligence unit within the Dutch Police force and the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs. With a combined background in both economics and intelligence, Dennis has professional experience in creating innovative solutions from an in-depth security perspective. This reflects in his roles as a strategic advisor and project manager for the Dutch Government during several transitional challenges. Dennis holds an MS in Criminal Investigations and a BA in Economics.

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Insider Risk Associates

Dr. Mike Drayton

United Kingdom

Dr Mike Drayton is an expert in individual and organisational resilience. He is an experienced organisational consultant, coach and clinical psychologist with a background in intelligence and security. He is the author of ‘Anti Burnout: How to Create a Psychologically Resilience and High Performance Organisation‘.

Mike is a Fellow of the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, specialising in leadership, resilience and leading under pressure. He coaches on the Executive MBA programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford. Mike was educated at LSE, Oxford Saïd Business School and the University of Birmingham.

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Nicholas Eftimiades

United States

Mr. Eftimiades has a long history of success as an innovator in the U.S. intelligence community. He is widely regarded for his expertise on China and national security aerospace issues. Mr. Eftimiades authored books, reports, and numerous articles on China’s commercial espionage methods, national security and technology. His book “Chinese Intelligence Operations” is an examination of the structure, operations, and methodology of the intelligence services of China. It is widely regarded as seminal work in the field. Nicholas Eftimiades is a professor at Penn State University. He conducts research on China’s economic espionage, intelligence, and emerging threats.

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Eric Shaw

United States

Dr. Eric Shaw is a Clinical Psychologist and former intelligence officer who has spent the last 25 years performing consultations, training, assisting in investigations and conducting research on insider issues while helping organizations manage insider risk. He specializes in psychological profiling of insider risk using multiple methods, including content analysis of subject communications. Dr. Shaw’s publications on insider challenges—including his design of the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk–and the role of behavioral science and profiling in forensic and security issues have appeared in many scientific journals and news articles. Dr. Eric Shaw is the founder and CEO of Insider Risk Group.

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Michael Gips

United States

Michael Gips is a security expert and thought leader with 25+ years of experience in strategy, tactics, operations, and content development. He is a partner in the Knowledgebase of Insider Threats, a database of thousands of insider incidents. An attorney and former Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer of ASIS International, Michael consults, writes, and speaks about insider threat, security risk management, organizational resilience, convergence, disinformation, radicalization, and many other topics. Michael has a CPP, a CSyP, and certificates in security from Wharton, IE Business School, and Tel Aviv University. He has a J.D. from Harvard and a B.A. from Tufts.

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Stephen Grossman


Stephen specialises in non-standard approaches to complex problems, responding to critical events, crises, and insider threats.  He is known for his effective strategies and tactics, high stakes negotiating skills, intelligence analysis, applied behavioural profiling, behavioural communication, and use of psychological operations to neutralise threats or mitigate risks. In addition to a career as a response consultant, Mr. Grossman has served as an interim C-level executive and board member in companies across Europe and the US, including senior roles in 3 publicly listed companies, and 1 IPO. He understands the dynamics, pressures, and risks for stakeholders and executives. 

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Nicola Mee

United Kingdom

Nicola has 20 years experience as a Behavioural Analysis expert and former Intelligence Analyst with a Masters in Security & Organisational Risk Management. She specialises in psychological and behavioural risk assessment, linguistic analysis and new technologies to identify and counter threat behaviour. She is currently Head of Behavioural Analysis & Insider Risk which supports UK law enforcement and commercial clients in the analysis of anonymous threats using forensic voice comparison and linguistic analysis tools and techniques. She is also a Consultant to US-based Insider Risk Group and has worked directly with Dr. Shaw on profiling and risk detection in the UK.

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Kathryn Constantine

United Kingdom

Kathryn Constantine is an experienced behavioural change consultant with over 20 years experience in both large global organisations and local government. She specialises in culture change and specifically information security and cyber security behaviours. Kathryn has designed and delivered highly effective communication campaigns and end user training which raise awareness of the value of information as an asset and ultimately lead to a greater understanding of how actions can safeguard that information. Engagement and empowerment of employees, IT professionals and an organisation’s supply chain to build a robust defence.

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Specialised Security Management Associates

Mark William Lowe


Following project management roles in Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon Systems, Mark worked for several years as a consultant to the Italian Government’s foreign intelligence agency. In 2007 he returned to the private sector as a risk and security consultant. As an expert on corporate espionage he has advised several companies from the energy, defence, aerospace, and information technology sectors on the protection of intellectual property and sensitive data. He has lectured on corporate espionage and international security at the Università Cattolica and the Italian Government’s Security Intelligence Department and is a faculty member of the ASERI Business School in Milan.

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Patrick Fitzpatrick

United Kingdom

Patrick is an expert in forensic linguistics, specialising in authorship analysis, corpus linguistics, discourse, pragmatics, and semantics analysis. He holds a Master’s Degree in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis and is completing a PhD in Forensic Psychology researching the Linguistic Cues for Deception of an Insider Threat. Through his own business (Veritas Behavioural Intelligence), Patrick applies his unique skills as a corporate insider threat investigator, working on cases which include physical threats, fraud, data/IP theft, sabotage, and harassment. Patrick has also developed experience in analysing hate and extremist speech on the surface and dark web.

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Gary Peace

United Kingdom

Gary served with Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police for 18 years, and was involved in high-profile and sensitive enquiries at a national level within the UK. Including 8 years investigating police corruption at the highest levels. He was also responsible for investigating all information leakage from and misuse of the force’s corporate IT network. As a consultant Gary successfully established and ran the Digital Forensic Laboratories for the UK regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Gary investigates insider threats and internal corruption allegations and implements technical and management systems to counter those issues. Clients include Government, Private Clients, HNW and business.

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An Gaiser

Investigative Interviewing (NL)

An Gaiser is an expert in investigative interviewing with years of experience in complex and high-stake interviews in the domain of law enforcement as well as screening programmes. With Signpost Six she provides the training Bootcamp Investigative interviewing, where she uses Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis from the Institute of Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis (INSA) of which she is a managing partner. An started her career as a probation officer. After nine years at the probation office she made the switch to the general intelligence and security service. After 8 years she became managing partner at INSA.

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Julian Claxton


Julian is a Behavioural Scientist with specific expertise in the provision of credibility assessments, strategic security planning, and counterespionage. Julian offers more than three decades of demonstrable experience, having started his career as an Army Reservist, whilst developing unique skills in security, surveillance and investigations. After ten years servicing the corporate sector as an investigator and technical specialist, he then turned his focus to surveillance-detection and counterespionage support. Academically, Julian holds a Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis, a Postgraduate Diploma in Behavioural Analysis and Investigative Interviewing, a Diploma in Security and Risk Management, and CPD qualifications in the Linguistics of Interpersonal Communication.

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Fernanda Teles

Lawyer (BR)


Fernanda Teles is a lawyer and head of investigations of Velours International, a risk management consultancy based in Brazil providing services in risk management and strategic intelligence. She has over 15 years of experience in corporate investigation, providing services as a consultant in projects for domestic and foreign companies. She developed her professional life in consultancy firms where she engaged in risk management projects, compliance, especially in due diligence, KUC, KYE, KYP, whistleblowing cases, fraud investigation, and corporate investigations. She worked for companies from all sectors, including retail, pharmaceuticals, and health care. 

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Roland Vergeer

Cyber investigations (NL)

Roland Vergeer has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of cybersecurity, intelligence, and digital investigations. His expertise lies in strategy, innovation, cyber intelligence, open source intelligence, and cyber operations. The last decade, Roland has performed penetration tests, provided training courses, managed a forensics, audits & training unit, advised institutions in the areas of cyber intelligence and security and founded and sold his own cyber intelligence company. As a cyber intelligence consultant, he handled online stalking cases, smear campaigns, and extortions. Roland worked as a cyber security consultant in Europe, The Middle East, the US, and the Caribbean.

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Glenn Schoen

Crisis Management (NL)

Glenn Schoen is CEO of Boardroom@Crisis BV and has over 30 years’ experience as a security and crisis management advisor and trainer. After his studies and local law enforcement he held analysis, management and consulting positions in the US and Europe for Ernst & Young, G4S Risk Advisory, TranSecur and International Security Management. He has served over 300 consulting clients in 30+ countries and managed content for 250+ analysis subscription clients. His secondary activities include teaching at Georgetown University, serving ASIS and OSAC, and volunteer work at the White House. He lives in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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Isabelle Brissette

Peace, Security & Resilience (CAN)

Isabelle Brissette started her career as an international aid worker in Belarus, Haiti and Mali. She then joined the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) where she served as an Intelligence Officer in the counter terrorism and counter espionage divisions. Following CSIS, Isabelle worked 15 years in the Rio Tinto Group Security and Business Resilience department where she led the development, implementation and assurance of leading-edge global programmes. She also supported sites around the world to manage conflicts in fragile environments. She finally became Rio Tinto Chief Security and Resilience Advisor. She holds university degrees in law (LL.B) and business (B.A.A., M.B.A.), and is a Certified Protection Professional (C.P.P.).

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Erik Elgersma

Competitive Intelligence (NL)

Erik Elgersma is a competitive intelligence and corporate strategy expert. Erik has worked for 26 years in strategy and competitive intelligence at Akzo Nobel and FrieslandCampina. He is now an independent consultant. He holds a Ph.D. in engineering. Erik is a Visiting Lecturer at the school of business and economics of the VU University Amsterdam and a Research Fellow at Vlerick Business School, Belgium. He authored three books in the field of competitive intelligence. Erik’s core belief is that companies must ‘compete on knowledge’. Knowledge he helps his customers to gather and with Signpost Six helps to protect.

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Advisory Board

Masha Sedova

Masha Sedova is an award-winning cybersecurity expert, speaker, and trainer focused on helping companies transform their workforce from a security risk into a key element of cyberdefense. She is the co-founder of Elevate Security delivering a first-of-its-kind platform that enables organizations to identify risky employees, reduce the likelihood of future incidents, and proactively defend their workforce while ensuring a productive business. In 2021, Fast Company named her one of the most creative people in business. Before Elevate, Masha was a security executive at Salesforce where she built and led the human risk team. In addition, she has been a member of the board of directors for the National Cyber Security Alliance and a regular presenter at conferences.

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Koen Gijsbers

Koen Gijsbers is a leading IT and cyber executive, and has over 40 years of experience working in the public sector, both as a military leader and as a civil senior executive. His military career built his leadership experience, through all levels up to commanding the 11 Air Assault Brigade. In the IT and cyber domain, Koen led NATO’s transformation of communications towards the concept of Netcentric Operations and drove change in the NLD Ministry of Defense as CIO. As General Manager of the NATO Communications and Information Agency he helped optimise NATO’s IT and Cyber capability and services during the last five years. 

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Ed Stroz

Ed Stroz was the founder of the digital forensics firm, Stroz Friedberg. He held the position of Co-President there, from its start in 2000 to 2021. Before starting the firm, Ed was a Special Agent with the FBI where he formed their computer crime squad in New York. Trained as a Certified Public Accountant, he has extensive experience in investigations of white-collar crime. Ed is a trustee of Fordham University, his alma mater, and serves as an advisor to the Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) at Fordham Law School. He holds an honorary doctorate from Fordham, and is a Senior Fellow at the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement (PCCE) at NYU Law School.  Ed is also a founding member of the security consulting firm Consilience 360, LLC in New York.

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Sander Oude Hengel

Sander Oude Hengel is an expert in the field of defence and security and has extensive experience in the Netherlands and abroad. He has been working for the Ministry of Defence for over fifteen years, where he has gained (international) experience at the operational and strategic level in several interesting roles. He has also worked in conflict zones such as Afghanistan. Currently, he is a strategic advisor for the Dutch ministry and in this role, he covers a wide range of topics related to Defense material investments and the industry in the context of the grand challenges of the 21st century. 


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Helen Gripton

Helen Gripton is the Human Rights and Social Impact Lead at BP, based in London. Helen has worked at BP since 2014. She is responsible for the development and management of BP's Insider Threat Programme, she also has oversight of BP's adherence to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, alongside supporting individual businesses in developing and implementing the principles. Previously, Helen worked for Deloitte LLP as a Security Consultant. She also worked a number of years as an aviation security advisor and Intelligence Officer in the Royal Air Force. Helen holds a BA (Hons) in History from Newcastle University and has recently completed a Master of Laws (LLM). 

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Our Partners

We are in this together

The Signpost Six approach​​

Signpost Six supports the public and private sector internationally with holistic insider risk programmes. Composed of a team of experienced consultants with deep expertise in psychology, intelligence, insider risk and business, we support you in implementing appropriate countermeasures through our specialised offerings and/or partnerships.

Our mission is to empower organisations to proactively identify, manage, and mitigate insider risks, fortifying their security from within. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that enhance an organisation’s understanding of potential threats, whilst fostering a supportive culture. By focusing on the root causes and indicators of insider risk, we enable organisations to stay one step ahead of potential threats and safeguard their most valuable assets. Through continuous evaluation and improvement of internal countermeasures, we strive to create a resilient environment that minimises vulnerabilities and promotes trust and collaboration amongst employees.

What's Our Role at Signpost Six?

Here at Signpost Six, we’re akin to a protective shield for your organisation. We empower you in keeping a keen eye on potential risks that might arise from within your own ranks – be it your trusted employees, contractors, or business partners. These risks could take the form of theft of your precious ideas or secrets, sabotage, fraud, or even espionage.

Consider us as your guide and support crew, helping you spot these risks before they escalate into significant problems. We achieve this by employing a blend of psychology, security and technology, to comprehend human behaviour and its interaction with digital environments.

We offer a comprehensive package to manage these risks. This includes identifying and assessing the risks present within your organisation, followed by taking steps to mitigate and preventing these risks. Our training and education programmes are designed to raise awareness among your team about these risks and how to identify them. Additionally, we assist you in creating a culture where security is a shared responsibility for everyone.

But our service doesn’t stop there. We also aid you in responding effectively if a risk morphs into a genuine threat. Moreover, we stay abreast with the latest research and developments in managing these risks, so we can provide the most optimal solutions.

Lastly, we recognise that every organisation is unique. Thus, we customise our strategies to fit your specific needs and situation, assisting you through each stage of managing these insider risks – from assessing your current situation, designing a strategy, implementing the programme, to providing ongoing support.

Technology and behaviour

To date, the increasing interconnectedness of our digitalized society has typically been met with technological innovations. Signpost Six recognizes that, besides the importance of technology, human behaviour is at the heart of all these new trends and threats. We can only minimise these risks when we match technology-centred solutions with human-centred solutions.

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