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Scientific Collaboration in an Unsafe World

Knowledge is nowadays as accessible as it is vulnerable. On one hand, international and open collaboration forms the basis for groundbreaking research. On the other hand, research institutions are faced with the challenge from governments, partners, and geopolitical realities to prevent research and knowledge from falling into unwanted hands. Without sufficient safeguards, not only national security but also the reputation of researchers, the research itself, and the institution as a whole are under pressure.

Knowledge security is not implemented with a one-size-fits-all approach

Ensuring knowledge security requires a thoughtful and comprehensive approach, one that encompasses all aspects (including the human element!) of knowledge sharing, storage, and protection. This includes not only screening employees and implementing cyber measures but also understanding the complexity of dual-use goods, export controls, and sensitive technologies. Many (national) initiatives fall short. Many of these current initiatives are either very general or specifically focused on a certain aspect. This leads to solutions that are too broad for practical application or that overlook important risks.

Knowledge security, research security, and insider risk: Signpost Six's unique approach

Since 2016, Signpost Six has been developing holistic assessments and programs in the field of insider risk. With the increased attention to knowledge security in recent years from governments, the EU, and various institutions, we have translated that approach to the theme of knowledge security. Our holistic and integral approach means establishing a solid foundation within an institution to then build capacities and implement concrete solutions that are widely embraced within an institution.

"Signpost Six helped SURF to assess and provide insight into the maturity of our knowledge security. The team provided clear advice, articulating complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand and apply to our business context. The roadmap to maturity will help us clear a path forward to enhance our security posture and practices."

Knowledge Security Roundtable

Discover what Signpost Six can do for your organisation during our exclusive ‘Roundtable Knowledge Security’ on May 29. This event is an excellent opportunity to discuss complex issues, share insights, and explore effective strategies.

Joeri Glastra, Signpost Six Consultant
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