Factsheet: Insider Risk Consultancy

Our experienced consultants help clients succeed with tailored advice and management support. Whether it is advice on setting up an insider risk programme, evaluating the maturity of an existing programme, or discussing a sensitive situation in confidence— we stand ready to provide support.

Insider Risk Assessment and Strategic Roadmap

A holistic insider risk maturity assessment is the starting point for organisations embarking on insider risk management. After all, to understand where you need to go, you must first understand where you stand. The process to build a sustainable insider risk management programme is a journey with four different stages. 

1. Insider Risk Assessment

The insider risk assessment focuses on threats, countermeasure deficiencies and organisational context. It creates the discussion points needed for a successful insider risk management programme rollout.

2. Strategy and Roadmap

The correct programme set-up is key for it to be effective and sustainable, as well as accepted by employees. We help you map stakeholders, develop an appropriate governance model, and build a roadmap of actions to embed the programme.

3. Programme Implementation

A holistic insider risk programme requires several important documents and tools to bring clarity and quick results to stakeholders. Our insider risk management starter kit includes governance charters, policies, metrics, and other documents to establish a strong programme quickly.

4. Continual Guidance: Insider Risk Management

Unique challenges will arise as the insider risk programme is implemented and embedded within regular business processes. We support clients on a retainer basis by coaching insider risk managers, facilitating governance body meetings, providing targeted training and devising solutions to implementation obstacles, among other services.

Consultancy Factsheet

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