Investigative Interviewing of High Profile Terrorism Cases

Expert Call with Ali Soufan

Ali Soufan is chairman and chief executive officer of The Soufan Group and founder of the Soufan Center. Mr. Soufan is a known leading security and counterterrorism expert. He served as an FBI Special Agent, where he investigated and supervised high profile terrorism cases. He is also the author of several books and has written extensively on terrorism related subjects. 

In this expert call, Ali Soufan brings us closer to the professional world of investigative interviewing by sharing some of his experience in successfully interrogating senior members of Al Qaeda’s leadership, explaining the challenges of today and how we can apply his lessons into practice.

Investigative interviewing has proven to be essential in the world of insider risk. From profiling techniques to assessments on the reliability of information, investigative interviewing provides organisations with the essential mechanisms to detect and counter concerning behaviours in the workplace.

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