Factsheet: Insider Risk Training

Workforce awareness of insider risk is a critical success factor for any insider risk programme. This awareness is best achieved via an integrated training and education plan focused on behavioural change. Our training portfolio offers clients flexible and impactful options to fit their awareness needs. 

Insider Risk Management for  Professionals 

  • Improves understanding of insider risk and early signs of threats
  • Provides concrete tools to assess insider risk maturity
  • Outlines concrete steps for developing a strategic roadmap

Business Games -Leadership or Crisis Management

  • Leadership game helps players identify concerning behaviours, connect the dots, and understand the tradeoffs of their decisions
  • Crisis game replicates the ambiguity and time pressure of serious organisational incidents

Insider Risk Introduction E-Learning

  • Describes the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology Enables users to recognise and respond to concerning behaviours

Case Database and Storytelling

  • Teaches essential interviewing techniques
  • Helps trainees improve their interview style, check personal biases, judge the reliability of statements and information, and deal with cross-cultural settings

Bespoke Trainings & Workshops

  • On-premises or remote
  • Counter social engineering, leadership briefings and over a dozen other insider risk related topics
  • Interactive and energizing experience with our experts
  • Custom objectives tailored to your organisation

Training Factsheet

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