Year in Review – Signpost Six in 2023

Dennis Bijker, CEO of Signpost Six

Dennis Bijker


Reflecting on 2023: Message from Our CEO

What a year it’s been for us at Signpost Six! As we bid farewell to 2023, I feel a profound sense of gratitude towards everyone who’s been a part of our remarkable journey. To our clients, your trust and collaboration have been invaluable. We’re incredibly proud of the growth and transformation we’ve achieved together. And to our dedicated team, your hard work and commitment are the pillars of our success. Now, after a short break to recharge, I am filled with anticipation for the new challenges and opportunities 2024 will bring. Together, we’re set to tackle new challenges and continue leading the way in insider risk management.

Reflecting on 2023, it’s been a year of significant growth and evolution for Signpost Six. We navigated a complex world, marked by rising espionage threats and an increased focus on insider risks. This year wasn’t just about adapting to these challenges; it was about excelling in the face of them. We’ve broadened our scope, diversified our team’s expertise, and scaled our operations to address the growing demand for insider risk management. This has been a year of reinforcing our commitment to protecting organisations against internal threats and espionage.

As we review this past year, I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has journeyed with us. The milestones we’ve achieved and the challenges we’ve overcome speak volumes about our dedication. The expansion of our services, the introduction of innovative training programmes, and the embrace of a crucial leadership transition have all been pivotal to our growth. Looking back, 2023 has been a defining year for Signpost Six, marked by learning, development, and an commitment to excellence in insider risk management.

Signpost Six: Growth and Changes

Business Expansion and Employee Growth: This year, our journey has been marked by substantial growth, both in our team and our business operations. The increasing global awareness of insider risks has fueled this expansion, enabling us to bring on board a diverse array of talents and expertise. This growth reflects the increasing demand for our human-centric approach to insider risk management. See all our new joiners of 2023 below:

Expansion Throughout Europe: A significant highlight of this year has been the expansion of our client base throughout Europe, especially in the southern regions like France and the Scandinavian countries. By establishing a growing client base in these areas, we have solidified our position as a key player in the European market. In 2024, we plan to continue this momentum, aiming to further establish us as European leader in Insider Risk Management.

Introduction of New Services: Recognising the evolving nature of threats, especially in the context of organised crime’s infiltration into European ports and logistics organisations, we’ve introduced a dedicated subversive crime section. This strategic expansion into new service areas is a direct response to the emerging challenges our clients face and represents our commitment to offering comprehensive and tailored solutions. Read more about two of our propositions below:

Insider Risk Programme

This year, we’ve reworked our Insider Risk Programme to offer more comprehensive and tailored solutions, to better protect our clients’ innovations and intellectual property. 

Subversive Crime

Signpost Six expanded its industry solutions to include Subversive Crime, delivering specialised services designed to combat the risks associated with organised crime’s infiltration.

Training and Workshops: We revamped our e-learning offerings and introduced new workshops at the beginning of the year, further expanding our educational initiatives. These new training and workshops are designed to equip clients and their workforce with the latest skills and knowledge in insider risk management.

Leadership Transition: A pivotal change in 2023 has been the transition of Elsine van Os to Dennis Bijker as our new CEO. This change at the helm of Signpost Six represents a new strategic direction. Dennis Bijker’s leadership is instrumental in steering our company towards a future marked by innovation, excellence, and commitment to being at the forefront of insider risk management.

Our growth, the introduction of new services, and our expanding European presence underscore our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that we continue to offer the most effective solutions to our clients.

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