Insider Risk Training Plan

Comprehending Your Training Needs

Every department within our organisation plays a vital role in combating insider risk. That’s why Signpost Six will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to pinpoint the specific roles and departments requiring crucial training. This training and educational plan will encompass the complete employee lifecycle, guaranteeing that everyone comprehends their role in managing insider risk.

Harmonising Training With Our Objectives

Our training plan will be customised to supplement the objectives of a clients established insider risk programme. If our goal is to proactively identify, detect, react to, and recover from insider incidents, then the training modules will empower relevant actors to effectively carry out these tasks.

Insider Risk Training Plan

Why Execute an Insider Risk Training Plan?

Understanding the potential risks that insiders pose and how to manage these risks is vital for the security and sustainability of every organisation. An insider risk training plan equips employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and respond to threats promptly and effectively. This not only enhances our overall security but also fosters a culture of vigilance and responsibility among staff.

Therefore, an Insider Risk Training Plan ensures that your organisation is not just relying on technology to safeguard data and systems. Instead, it leverages the human element, turning each employee into an active participant in your organisation’s defence. This training plan equips everyone, from new hires to senior management, with the understanding and tools they need to protect sensitive information, making them vigilant custodians of your organisation’s intellectual property

Benefits of Our Training Programme

An insider risk assessment from Signpost Six offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Security Awareness

    Elevates employees' ability to identify and address potential threats, serving as the first line of defence against insider threats.

  • Increased Prevention

    Cultivates a culture where every employee understands their role in safeguarding the company's assets, thus reducing the likelihood of threats.

  • Better Compliance

    Compliance with data protection and security regulations, helps organisations preserving its reputation.

The Insider Risk Roadmap

Insider Risk Assessment

The first step in mitigating insider risk is to understand where you stand

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Step 2

Insider Risk Training & Awareness

Extensive range of insider risk training services for both individuals and entire organisations

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Step 1

Insider Risk Programme

Build to establish proactive measures to prevent future Insider incidents

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Step 3

The Signpost Six Academy

In addition to a Training Plan, we also offer the Signpost Six Academy. The Academy provides an extensive range of insider risk training services for individuals and entire organisations alike. As the first of its kind, our online academy presents training in various formats, leveraging high-quality materials such as bespoke videos and a comprehensive documentary.

Insider Risk Programme

Insider Risk Programme in Business District
Embark on your Insider Risk Programme with Signpost Six

Insider Risk Assessment

Empty office floor, foreshadowing a needed insider risk assessment
Assessments allow you to understand your current situation, preparing…

Our Unique Approach

By choosing Signpost Six as your partner, you’re choosing a team of experts who specialise in the field, offer customised solutions, and respond rapidly to mitigate risks and protect your critical assets. We have a proven track record of successfully managing insider incidents for our clients. Our expertise and professionalism have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in insider risk management.

Get in Touch

We are here to help you navigate the complexities of insider risk. Get in touch with us today to start your insider risk assessment.

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