Training & Education

The below table shows Signpost Six training options for four types of roles. A training programme should distinguish between the needs of employees (including all specialists), line managers, the insider risk team and specialist roles. Specialist roles include HR professionals or members of the insider risk executive council.

E-learning on CPIR Industry round tables Serious business game Workshops and masterclasses Insider risk training programme Confidential coaching Investigative interviewing
All employee levels
Management level
Insider risk professionals

We offer online and offline training to increase your insider risk awareness and management skills:

  • Industry round tables: We organise and facilitate industry insider risk round table discussions for C-suite level and leadership. These allow leaders and practitioners to share challenges and insights in a confidential setting with presentations by Signpost Six and associated specialists.
  • Presentations, workshops and masterclasses: We provide tailored educational sessions for a variety of needs (see below) ranging in duration from ½ day workshops to 3 day masterclasses. These can be done remotely or in person. We regularly provide insights on the following subjects:
    • Insider risk and organisational change
    • The Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR)
    • Insider risk management
    • Investigative interviewing
    • Insider risk case management
  • Team Hendersson serious game: This game challenges a team of players to prevent a leak of sensitive information to competitors. Learn how your actions impact your reputation and reflect your risk appetite towards insider risk. No expertise is assumed and all information is summarised in plain language. View more info
  • Online insider risk management training: This training is intended for insider risk managers and other professionals that have a role in addressing insider risk and helps trainees understand the early signs of threats, gain a holistic view of insider risk management, employ concrete tools and implement a roadmap of actions within your organisation. A 175+ page theory book is included and trainees can join monthly calls with peers and Signpost Six professionals to discuss practical challenges to effective programme implementations.
  • Investigative interviewing: This training teaches essential interviewing techniques to elicit information and will help you understand your own interview style and personal biases, judge reliability of statements and information, and deal with cross-cultural settings. View more info
  • E-learning: This E-learning programme enables both managers and employees to recognise and respond early to concerning behaviours using the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology, a research-backed approach based on over 1500 case studies. It can improve the duty of care towards colleagues through adequate responses by employees, managers and the organisation as a whole.
    • Economic espionage;
    • Crisis management; 
    • Anonymous threatening communications and threat assessment;
    • Security/conflict risk analysis and management advices in fragile environments;
    • Security awareness training on a variety of subjects like active shooter and terrorism;
    • Market and competitive intelligence;