Our consultancy practice helps organisations design, implement and strengthen their insider risk management programme. The correct programme set-up is key to the sustainability and effectiveness of the programme as well as its acceptance by employees. We emphasise an approach that is holistic in its coverage, preventative in its focus, and efficient in its implementation. 

It starts with a clear programme vision and charter that outlines both the objectives and the limits of the programme. Next, we encourage a comprehensive evaluation of organisational capabilities that considers both technical and non-technical countermeasures. In addition, organisations need to find a stakeholder and governance model appropriate for their organisation. This can be challenging but Insider risk management requires a cross-functional solution and the communication and embedding process needs to start early. We help clients succeed with all these activities. From there the organisation should ensure that it has sufficient capabilities from threat identification to incident response and follow up. Such a holistic approach increases effectiveness against even the strongest adversaries.

We pay special attention to preventative measures throughout the design, implementation and maintenance phases of a programme. This is because, first and foremost, organisations must fulfill their duty of care towards their employees, fostering a healthy work environment that enables employees to thrive and to safely speak up when concerns arise. Additionally, a holistic programme should be efficient, using existing processes, tools and structures as much as possible. In this way a programme can be sustainably embedded in the organisation. 

Remember that the insider threat landscape never stops evolving. New technologies and tactics are constantly being developed that create novel challenges for organisations. This means managing insider risk is not something you buy nor is it a one-off exercise. Organisations must continuously assess and adapt to the changing threat environment and have their security posture periodically checked with independent audits. We can assist there as well. Here are our specific propositions.

Insider risk quick scan

The insider risk quick scan is the starting point for any organisation embarking on insider risk management. The quick scan helps answering the following questions:

  • What are the key insider threats the organisation is facing now and potentially in the future? 
  • What are key organisational vulnerabilities in both the macro and micro environments?
  • What is the current (baseline) maturity level of the organisation with regards to the insider risk countermeasures and what are the key gaps?
  • How can we build towards the start of an insider risk programme in your organisation? 

Insider risk programme management as a service

Insider risk management requires strong project management skills, broad stakeholder engagement and real dedication.  It’s a multidisciplinary subject and we often see that employees have it as a responsibility on top of their regular job. This makes progress slow and cumbersome. Rather, we are there to provide that project management support and work with you to make an insider risk programme happen within your organisation.

Bespoke programmes

Insider risk management encompasses a wide range of themes as well as solutions. We are not specialists in all of them, nor would we want to be. Here are the focused solutions we offer organisations:

  1. Niche support in the following areas:
    1. Training and education;
    2. Insider risk communications/campaigns;
    3. Case management;
    4. Organisational implementation of UEBA solutions.
  2. Partner/vendor selection. Our extended partner network holds expertise across a range of specialist services and technologies. We can help draft terms of reference and provide support in selection processes.