Signpost Six Publishing Principles


At Signpost Six, we are committed to providing reliable, accurate, and trustworthy information. Our Publishing Principles serve as a guide to the ethical and editorial standards that govern our content creation, dissemination, and management. These principles are designed to ensure that we maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in all our publications.


Our content is crafted by professionals who are experts in the field of insider risk, security or marketing. We draw upon a wealth of experience, research, and knowledge to provide insights that are both actionable and credible.


We take great care to ensure that all information we publish is accurate and up-to-date. Any errors or inaccuracies that come to our attention are promptly corrected and can be pointed out by reaching us under


Our publications are backed by extensive research and data. We cite reputable sources and collaborate with industry leaders to ensure that our content is authoritative and reliable.


We strive to build trust with our audience by being transparent about our methodologies, data sources, and editorial processes. We clearly distinguish between facts, opinions, and analysis to provide a well-rounded perspective.

Ethical Considerations

We adhere to strict ethical guidelines, including confidentiality and data protection. We respect the privacy of individuals and organisations and do not engage in activities that compromise the security or integrity of any party.


We are transparent about any conflicts of interest and ensure that any sponsored or affiliate content is clearly marked as such.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our publications. We aim to provide a platform that respects and represents a wide range of perspectives and experiences.


We take responsibility for our content and are open to feedback from our audience. We encourage dialogue and are committed to making improvements based on constructive criticism.

Review and Update

These Publishing Principles are subject to periodic review and may be updated to reflect changes in legal or ethical standards.

By adhering to these Publishing Principles, we aim to assure our audience that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and reliability in all our publications. These principles serve as our pledge to you, our valued readers, that the information you find on our platform is both trustworthy and actionable.

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