Need Insider Risk Specialists for Your Organisation? Explore Our Tailored Secondment Services

At Signpost Six, we recognise that insider risk is not just a security matter for governments; incidents with insiders at universities and businesses can also undermine national, economic, commercial and security interests. These incidents happen every day with enormous financial and reputational impact. As a result, the need for insider risk specialists has grown considerably for organisations across sectors. 

To address this need, we provide secondment services, supplying our clients with talented and knowledgeable specialists on a temporary basis to occupy crucial insider risk management positions within their organisation.

We customise our secondment services to suit the unique requirements of each organisation. Drawing from a pool of accomplished professionals with insider risk management expertise, our seconded specialists excel in risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation. Collaborating closely with your organisation, they develop and implement a comprehensive insider risk management programme encompassing policies, procedures, and training initiatives.

Our secondment services are versatile, catering to temporary staffing shortages, offering additional support during high-demand periods, or facilitating the launch of new insider risk management programmes. Our specialists integrate seamlessly within your organisation’s existing team, ensuring a smooth transition and effective management of insider risk incidents.

  • Immediate impact

    Immediate productivity and fast implementation of best practices, offering valuable expertise without the need for extensive training or lengthy hiring processes.

  • Resource efficient

    Leveraging an employee on secondment can provide temporary additional resources to bolster an organisation's insider risk programme.

  • Fresh perspective

    A secondment brings new ideas and approaches to an organisations insider risk management.

Our secondees possess significant experience in identifying and mitigating insider risk incidents, ensuring that your organisation remains resilient and secure. Reach out to our team to discuss bespoke solutions that cater to your unique needs and protect your organisation from insider threats.

Insider risk secondments involve temporarily placing an insider risk specialist within an organisation to help address specific challenges or build internal capabilities.

  1. Program Development: The seconded specialist can assist with developing or enhancing an organisation’s insider risk management programme, incorporating best practices and addressing specific organisational needs.

  2. Training and Awareness: The specialist can help design and deliver insider risk training and awareness initiatives, ensuring that employees and contractors understand their responsibilities and the potential consequences of insider threats.

  3. Risk Assessments: The seconded expert can support organisations in conducting insider risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and prioritising mitigation efforts.

  4. Incident Response Planning: The specialist can help develop or refine an organisation’s incident response plan, ensuring it is well-equipped to deal with insider threats in a timely and effective manner.

  5. Insider Threat Investigations: In cases where an organisation is experiencing an ongoing insider incident, the seconded specialist can support internal teams in conducting thorough investigations, gathering evidence, and formulating appropriate response strategies.

  6. Policy Development and Review: The expert can assist in creating or revising policies and procedures related to insider risk management, ensuring they align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

  7. Monitoring and Analytics: The seconded specialist can help organisations develop and implement monitoring and analytics strategies, enabling them to proactively detect and respond to potential insider threats.

An insider risk secondment benefits your organisation by providing immediate expertise, a fresh perspective on insider risk management, enhanced collaboration, skill development, and improved risk identification. It also saves time and resources associated with hiring and training a new employee.

The duration of an insider risk secondment varies based on the organisation’s needs and the specific project or role. Typical secondments can last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.

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