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Academic openness is under pressure as a result of geopolitical tensions and regulation. Set up a structured research security approach to safeguard the core values of research and education; open collaboration around the world.


To secure your organisation, you must first identify who your threat actors are, what critical systems and data underpin your business, and how to apply security controls to best protect these assets en route to developing a comprehensive security strategy. Doing so may leave you asking:
  • How do we view the business holistically against security threats and risk?
  • How can we gain visibility into our inventory of assets and controls?
  • What are our most valuable data or systems and how do they map to the business?

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At Signpost Six, we understand the unique needs of organisations when it comes to addressing insider risks. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of insider risk solutions tailored to meet the threats faced in your sector. Our goal is to help you safeguard your critical assets, reputation, and business continuity by understanding and effectively mitigating insider threats.

Discover Our TU Eindhoven Client Success Story.

Explore how Signpost Six successfully partnered with TU Eindhoven to mitigate insider risks and enhance research security. Our client success story highlights the tailored strategies we implemented and the significant outcomes achieved through our pioneering work.

Client Success Story TU/e

More Insights?
Read Our Threat Spotlight.

Gain insights into the Chinese Scholarship Council and its impact on national knowledge security. Our Threat Spotlight highlights potential risks and offers strategies to protect academic institutions. Download the full report to learn more about balancing international collaboration with national security.

Client Testimonials.

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Signpost Six have demonstrated being flexible and particularly sensitive to all our stakeholders’ needs and values and have provided us with a variety of professional training ranging from an insider risk e-learning to workshops and bespoke training, e.g. on investigative interviewing.
The collaboration with Signpost Six not only resolved immediate issues but also established a solid foundation for continuous improvement, making TU/e more resilient and better equipped to handle any knowledge security threats that might arise.
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The insider risk game by Signpost Six is an immersive and interactive game where teams will need to cooperate to research a potential breach. Your team members you will gain more insights, and by making certain decisions you will influence the final outcome - while having some fun along the way
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