Rene Boekel

Risk management and investigations

Rene Boekel is an expert in international risk management and investigations. He has extensive international experience in the domains of (non) compliance, fraud, security and regulatory issues both in the financial industry (ABN AMRO and RBS) and assurance (KPMG) sector for more than 20 years. Rene is a chartered auditor (RA) with a specific interest in  underlying motivations, behaviours and conduct. His main driver is supporting and equipping organisations in learning from incidents and implementing pragmatic preventative solutions. He believes the human factor is an integral part of designing and enhancing a fit for purpose risk management framework.

Rene has worked on cross-border and national fraud and non-compliance issues with high strategic and reputational impact. He has experience in risk and threat assessments in order to mitigate risks like money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing, sanctions, fraud and data leakages. He understands the mechanics of how to manage these situations whilst ensuring business continuity. Rene has provided advisory up to board level  of (financial) and governmental organisations.