The Organizational Culture as Cause and Solution for Insider Threats

Expert Call with Mauel Kaptein

The bad barrel approach holds that unethical behavior in organizations is not only caused by bad people (the bad apples), but also by the organization itself (the barrel). This also holds for insider threats. But how does the organization create insider threats? In this webinar we explore how the corporate culture may lead to insider threats. Muel Kaptein, an expert in the field of compliance cultures, presents a model to explain how the culture of an organization may either stimulate or prevent insider threats. Muel gives concrete examples of how you can make your culture resistant to insider threats.

Since joining Erasmus University as professor in Business Ethics and Integrity in 1991, Muel Kaptein has authored eight books and multiple peer-reviewed scientific articles. As partner at KPMG he supports clients in developing and assessing their ethics, integrity and compliance. He cofounded KPMG Integrity & Compliance and has developed different models and tools to measure and manage the integrity and compliance of organisations (e.g. DilemmApp, Cards on the Table and The Ethics Thermometer).


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