Nicola Mee BSc, MSc

Criminal Profiling

Behavioural Analysis expert
Nicola Mee BSc, MSc

Nicola is a Behavioural Analysis expert and former Intelligence Analyst with a Masters in Security & Organisational Risk Management. She specialises in psychological and behavioural risk assessment, linguistic analysis and new technologies to identify and counter threat behaviour.

She has 18 years experience as a Psychologist in the defence and security domain where she applies her psychological expertise to the identification and management of at-risk insiders. She currently leads a team which supports UK law enforcement and commercial clients in the analysis of anonymous threats using forensic voice comparison and linguistic analysis tools and techniques. In her previous roles within the MOD, Niqi led a multidisciplinary team supporting senior military decision making in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as providing specialist analytical capability to facilitate understanding of individuals, groups and populations in support of Information Operations and counter-terrorism. She led a team of Psychologists providing consultation to Senior Military, primarily for the purposes of key leader engagement including decision-making, influence and negotiation with foreign military and political leaderships. She developed the framework for the MOD’s Behavioural Assessment Methodology blending a wide range of psychological assessment techniques and trained UK, US, Canadian, Australian and Belgian Defence personnel including psychologists, anthropologists and analysts in the use of psychological profiling techniques and intelligence analysis, as well as regularly briefing senior military and government personnel.

She is currently Head of Behavioural Analysis & Insider Risk at J2S Insider Risk Ltd., and is a Consultant to US-based Insider Risk Group on insider risk, organisational health and behaviour change and has worked directly with Dr. Shaw on profiling and risk detection in the UK.