Expert calls

To share knowledge and expand our insider risk community, Signpost Six organises expert calls with leaders in the field. They are scholars, business leaders, program managers, and insider risk specialists from a variety of sectors. Here you can find an overview of our previous calls.

Expert Calls

The Organizational Culture as Cause and Solution for Insider Threats

Expert Call with Mauel Kaptein The bad barrel approach holds that unethical behavior in organizations is not only caused…

Expert Calls

From HSBC to the City of Geneva

Expert Call with Marc Bieri Insider risk is spreading across the private and public sector as organisations continue to…

Expert Calls

Insider Risk Management in the Semiconductor Sector

Expert Call with Petri Kuivala The fast-paced, high-stakes geopolitical competition between the United States and China places the semiconductor…

Expert Calls

Investigative Interviewing of High Profile Terrorism Cases

Expert Call with Ali Soufan Ali Soufan is chairman and chief executive officer of The Soufan Group and founder…

Expert Calls

Bioterrorism- Behavioural Science Case Analyses by Dr. Eric Shaw

Expert Call with Dr. Eric Shaw On September and October 2001, five Americans were killed and 17 infected in…

Expert Calls

Insider Risk Management in F1 Racing

Expert Call with Graeme Hackland Graeme Hackland is the Williams Group Chief Information Officer, joining one of the World’s…

Expert Calls

Insider Risk Management at Tech Companies

Expert Call with Charles Finfrock Charles Finfrock is the founder and CEO of Black Hand Solutions and former Senior…

Expert Calls

Organised Crime Infiltration in Harbours

Expert Call with Yarin Eski Yarin Eski, Assistant Professor at the Knowledge Hub Security and Social Resilience of the…

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