Insider risk e-learning programme

Recognising the need of organisations to come with scalable solutions, Signpost Six has designed an e-learning programme focusing on manager and employee awareness of behavioural risk signs and the Critical Pathway methodology (Shaw and Sellers). The programme enables both managers and employees to recognise and respond to concerning behaviours early on, thereby mitigating insider risks within your organisation.


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Learning objective

  • Awareness: Understanding the duty of care towards colleagues
  • Attitude: Preventing derailment of a potential malicious insider
  • Action: Improving adequate responses by employees, managers and the organisation as a whole



  • Introduction to Insider Risk Management
  • Pre-test
  • The Critical Pathway to Insider Risk Methodology
  • Your ‘own’ insider experience: Case studies from different insider acts across various industries (6 options: Espionage, IP theft, insider trading, violence, media leaks, sabotage)
  • Summary
  • Post-test


Key features of this E-learning

  • Offered through our online learning platform or your own Learning Management System
  • Composed of 4 short modules
  • Users need to pass a short quiz to complete each module
  • Users can select from various cases
  • Contains pre-test and post-test to qualify what the user has learned
  • Takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete


Benefits of E-learning concept

  • Reaches many employees at one time and in a short time-frame
  • Ensures consistent messaging
  • Has a high retention rate due to diversity in learning techniques
  • Takes less time and costs less than classroom training
  • Measures progress and effectiveness through reporting tools
  • Creates flexibility for users to follow training when it is convenient

Want to enrol?

Please contact us for details or enrol directly through your online platform.

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