Insider Risk Communications and Training Portfolio Launch!

Signpost Six is launching its full insider risk communications and training portfolio to support organisations with rolling out their insider risk programmes. We believe communication and training is the backbone of your programme. All employees should understand the necessity and the urgency of insider risk and should know how to adequately act upon it depending on their roles. 

People often recall the red flags after incidents or insider acts have materialised. They suddenly remember comments or odd behaviours but they didn’t think much of it nor did they think of reporting it somewhere. All the dots were there but they weren’t connected. If only the information was reported and came together in one location, then a full picture could have been developed that suggested appropriate action was needed. This is where the relevance and necessity of training comes in. Communication and training builds the right attitude towards insider risk and enables people to act upon signals appropriately, whether this concerns the unintentional or intentional insider. 

The information is out there:

Over 80% of insiders already had official attention for concerning behaviours prior to conducting their insider act.

58% of insiders communicated negative feelings, grievance, intent to harm the organisation or a member prior to conducting an attack.

In 31% of cases others had specific knowledge of the insider’s attack intention, plans or activities including co-workers (64%), friends (21%) or family (14%).

Organisations need to empower their employees to recognise red flags and establish protocols for reporting and handling information. 

Insider risk is very much a people category solution. Despite processes and technology, employees themselves see many of the concerning signals and behavioural cues displayed by their colleagues or ex-colleagues. With correct training, they can spot and report these red flags for professional review. In addition, personal issues can be addressed early on through effective management interventions and timely referrals to employee assistance programs when appropriate.

Are you building an insider risk programme and are you looking for comprehensive support with a combination of readily available and tailored programmes and products? Please have a read of a snapshot of our portfolio here: Insider Risk Communication and Training – Company Support Portfolio-Website

We will also be present at the Insider Risk Summit where we have a presentation (see below for the schedule) and a booth. Come visit us and win a free Insider Risk Training Programme for Professionals!

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