Glenn Schoen


Glenn Schoen (1963) is CEO of Boardroom@Crisis BV and a longtime security and crisis management advisor with a specialisation in terrorism. After his studies (BA, MA, post-Graduate in Political Science and International Affairs) he gained operational experience in law enforcement before moving on to security analysis, management and consulting spanning positions in the US and Europe for G4S Risk Advisory, Ernst & Young, TranSecur and International Security Management. This includes serving over 275 consulting project clients in 30+ countries and managing content and service delivery to over 250 analysis subscription service clients, notably international corporations, institutions and several government agencies.

Mr. Schoen has engaged in terrorism, security and crisis research, analysis, countermeasures and management of best practices for over 30 years. Past/present secondary activities include ASIS International, United Nations ICRI, US State Department – OSAC (Country Chair, Netherlands), volunteer work at the White House and lecturing at Georgetown University’s Continuing Studies Program (1996-2007). Mr. Schoen regularly shares his insights with the media (over 1000 interviews from CNN and the Washington Post to Die Welt, BBS and NOS) and speaking for professional forums. He lives in The Hague, The Netherlands with his wife and two children.