Spot the spy!

The insider risk business game

By Signpost Six

One team. One hour. One mission.

Can you prevent an insider from leaking Team Hendersson’s innovation to the competition? Signpost Six and ARDA Gamified Awareness have teamed up to create a serious business game addressing insider risk. Identify concerning behaviours, connect the dots and choose your strategy to deal with the situation. Will your choices damage your reputation and push people over the edge, or will your interventions save the team before time runs out?

Practical information

The serious game will help you:

  • UNDERSTAND the critical-path model for insider risk (CPIR);
  • GAIN INSIGHT into which approach to insider risk is best for their organisation;
  • EXPERIENCE the case management process, including how their decisions impact the reputation of the investigation team and the morale of employees. Be too aggressive and risk pushing innocent subjects over the line into committing harmful acts. 


  • Players, preferably across a diverse range of functions, work together with the objective of deciding which suspects, if any, should be suspended from the team.
  • Total game time: approximately two hours, includes facilitated discussions with a trained insider risk professional during and after the game.
  • Teams have access to a central repository containing information on the CPIR and some key organisational records.
  • Teams have a budget to spend on additional sources of information
  • Teams receive further information on the suspects revealed in key scenes throughout the game.

Benefits of the Team Hendersson game

  • Enables remote employees to play at one time and in a short time frame.
  • Increases understanding of insider risk case management process and needs.
  • Allows benchmarking against organisations that have previously played the game.
  • Delivers insights through a facilitated discussion session.
  • Engages employees through fun gameplay while teaching serious business lessons.
  • Provides metrics on your organisational risk appetite for insider risk.

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