Five reasons why we created a serious game

We’ve all been there, clicking through an endless parade of bullet-point slides during a computer-based training (CBT). Surely there are more engaging ways to deliver training content. And there is! They’re called serious games, and Signpost Six is excited to announce it has worked with ARDA Gamified Awareness to create the first serious game on insider risk and data theft. 

If you are asking yourself what a serious game is, well, it is precisely that. It is a game that connects a serious objective with a training activity. Although a serious game’s main goal is to educate, it leverages entertainment to create an even more effective learning method. This concept of combining simple entertainment and active learning through serious gaming is called edutainment. You’re sucked into the gameplay as if you were there, and the time pressure really gets you involved to solve the problem at hand. This is key for insider risk management training, which thus lends itself perfectly to serious gaming. 

But can serious games really deliver the same benefits as ordinary computer-based training (CBT)? They can, and provide even more. Allow us to share all the advantages that serious games provide.

  1. Team building Serious games strengthen inter-team collaboration and social decision making skills. Players can exchange arguments and ideas with each other, which can’t be replicated in a CBT environment. But professional benefits aside, don’t we all love playing games? In these times of social distancing and remote working, it is essential to keep investing in the team’s social fabric, especially if your communications have become predominantly functional. Serious gaming is a meaningful way to bring the fun factor into our day-to-day team interaction, strengthening the social bond between team members. Our very own game master will ensure those boxes are checked.
  2. Maximise training engagement Most of us likely multitask during (mandatory) passive training activities as they struggle to hold our full attention. The serious game’s suspenseful narrative keeps learners hooked, while the gamification motivates people to be active participants. It might be that not everybody throughout your organisation is equally interested in the training topic from the get-go. Our gripping game narrative bridges the gap between personal interest and training objectives. 
  3. Instant feedback in a secure environment While our game master is busy directing the learning experience, players take all the actions and receive direct feedback on the consequences of their choices. After the game, they will learn if they were successful and what actions led to this result. But even more important, they also learn what led to failure! This is learning by doing, but within a secure environment where the only real-world consequences of failure are valuable lessons learned. Research even suggests that a serious game can be just as effective at teaching strategy as a world-class professor.
  4. Decomplexing the insider risk complexity Serious games make it possible to simulate complex real-world phenomenon in a simple way. People are immersed in a situation that is hard to replicate and control in real life. You can experience social phenomena while being able to differentiate between perspectives and time, creating an opportunity to reflect on your decisions. Insider risk is a vast and complex subject entailing a wide variety of variables and mechanisms. The gaming platform can decomplex the subject by visualising the concepts and key principles of insider risk management. 
  5. Return on investment Due to COVID-19, most professional training activities have halted, while the necessity of training only increased. Our serious game can be played completely online and thus is not hindered by COVID restrictions. Gather your global team, in all locations, to play and learn together. In addition, games often take less time while increasing knowledge retention, resulting in better job performance.  

Can you and your team prevent an insider from leaking Team Hendersson’s innovation to the competition? You will be tasked with identifying concerning behaviours, connecting the dots and choosing the right strategy to deal with the situation. Will your choices damage your reputation and push people over the edge, or will your interventions save the team before time runs out? 

Get your entire team into the driver’s seat. Please contact us for a demo or book now and buckle up! Signpost Six is part of the ASIS International preferred CPE supplier programme. This makes the game a unique opportunity for obtaining two CPE credits.


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