Factsheet: Signpost Six Overview

About Signpost Six

Signpost Six is a global insider risk consultancy and training firm based in the Netherlands. We help organisations retain the value of their people and assets with a holistic, people-centred approach. Our solutions are research-backed and focused on emphasising early detection and prevention.


We consult with organisations to assess the maturity of their insider risk programme, to set their strategy and to provide specialised solutions across all insider risk countermeasures.

Workshops & Training

We offer a variety of training, both online and in person, on a diverse set of themes all in the domain of insider risk management.

Why we exist

When insiders cause harm, it’s not just the organisation that loses. The damage they create hurts their co-workers, their loved ones, and ultimately themselves. 

Our mission is to help organisations protect their employees before the attackers reach them and before the demands of modern society derail them psychologically. 

But it’s more than that. It’s to help organisations to improve their internal processes and become proactive. It’s to help them win. And we know how .

Our approach

Insiders act because their situation is not recognised or addressed appropriately. Therefore, a whole-person approach is required. 

Our experts apply psychology and our diverse professional backgrounds to help organisations identify and respond to insiders at risk. We do not implement technical tools, but do help organisations extract more value from them.

We are specialists, first and foremost, in insider risk training, consulting and research. The result? An evidence-based and holistic approach to insider risk management based on the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk (CPIR) methodology from Shaw and Sellers (2015) and best practices in insider risk management.


Our services


  • Maturity assessment
  • Strategy and roadmap development
  • Programme implementation
  • Programme evaluation
  • Continual guidance: insider risk management

Training Courses

  • Insider risk management for professionals
  • Business games
  • E-learning on the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk
  • Insider case database and storytelling
  • Leadership training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Investigative interviewing

Overview Factsheet

Read our full Insider Risk Solutions factsheet

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