Factsheet: Insider Risk Leadership Programme for Security Professionals


A leadership programme developed specifically for leaders of cyber and IT security teams. This innovative and unique programme brings together security, psychology, and management science to increase your leadership capability. 

As security professionals, it’s easy to think that the risks are all out there. And even regarding insider risks, you’re confident in the professionalism and immunity of your team from exploitation by others. As the leader of your security team, you’ve now received concerning information about one of your employees. Co-workers have raised red flags and you’ve received technical alerts about your team member’s digital behaviour. is data being stolen? How do you deal with security threats inside your own team? You might be asking yourself:

  • How can I, as the leader, best manage the situation?
  • How can I look after my employees’ and organisation’s wellbeing at the same time?
  • How can I spot the early warning signs (‘the signposts’) of future risks?

Signpost Six Insider Risk Leadership Programme

Our specialist training for security leaders and managers is proactive and
innovative, bringing together security, psychology, and management science. Based on hard evidence from psychology and behavioural science, this training helps leaders learn how to uncover hidden problems and drive performance.

We understand that security is about people, not about ever-increasing layers of protective technology. Many regard employees as the weakest link in the security chain. We disagree. We see your people as defences – assets that can be mobilised to keep your data and your organisation safe. 

Presented by

Dr Mike Drayton an expert in individual and organisational liresilience. He is an experienced organisational consultant, coach and clinical psychologist with a background in intelligence and security. He is the author of ‘Anti Burnout: How to Create a Psychologically Resilient and High Performance Organisation‘ and author of his upcoming book ‘The Saboteur at work.’ Mike is a Fellow of the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College, specialising in leadership, resilience and leading under pressure. He coaches on the Executive MBA programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford. Mike was educated at LSE, Oxford Saïd Business School and the University of Birmingham.

Elsine van Os a thought leader on insider risk and has an educational and professional background in psychology, intelligence and security. Elsine has worked on high profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defence and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments on country, asset and individual levels. Elsine has worked in various capacities in over 50 countries. In her work, she has developed and executed methodologies to develop management team members’ and employees’ security consciousness and risk assessment skills. Elsine is also owner of Signpost Film Productions.

Overview Factsheet

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