Dr. Eric Shaw

Insider Risk Management and Anonymous Threats

Dr. Eric Shaw is a Clinical Psychologist and former intelligence officer who has spent the last 25 years performing consultations, training, assisting in investigations and conducting research on insider issues while helping organizations manage insider risk. He specializes in psychological profiling of insider risk using multiple methods, including content analysis of subject communications.

Dr. Shaw has served as a Visiting Scientist at the Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute where he assisted CERT in understanding the individual, social and organizational psychology associated with insider risk and computer crime. He holds nine patents for content analysis software designed to detect signs of insider risk from computerized communications. This system is currently installed in several corporate and government locations. He has served the Department of Justice as an expert witness on insider issues involved in litigation resulting from the Anthrax attacks in 2001. Dr. Shaw’s publications on insider challenges—including his original design of the Critical Pathway to Insider Risk–and the role of behavioral science and profiling in forensic and security issues have appeared in Studies in Intelligence, Digital Investigation, Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and the Law, Information Security Magazine, Security Management, The Police Chief and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. His efforts were recently featured in Fortune Magazine. Dr. Shaw served as a Professorial Lecturer in Political Psychology at the Elliot School of International Affairs of George Washington University. He is certified in critical incident stress debriefing and served with the FBI’s Evidence Recovery Teams at the Pentagon after the September 11th attacks.

He currently serves as an operational psychologist in a federal counter-intelligence office, as Stroz Friedberg’s chief behavioral psychologist for corporate investigations and as a member of the Behavioral On-Call Team for Fairfax County Police. He is licensed psychologist in New York, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. His other professional publications have appeared in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, the American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology and International Journal of Law and Psychiatry. Dr. Eric Shaw is the founder and CEO of Insider Risk Group, partner of Signpost Six, in Washington D.C. in the United States.