Frequent concerns within law enforcement agency

A law enforcement agency constantly experiences concerns over fraud, data leaks, and other concerning behaviours. It approaches Signpost Six for a broad and sustainable solution.

Signpost Six starts with gaining an understanding of the organisational context and challenges. What processes and procedures exist to manage these risks? How are these processes and procedures executed and how do they match the employee across his/her work lifecycle? Does the organisational culture adequately convey clear norms and is the leadership displaying behaviours consistent with that norm? Does the organisation have adequate recruitment practices? Does it conduct screenings and checks for personal predispositions and vulnerabilities and does it have the resources to manage vulnerabilities of the person in combination with risk factors of the job itself? Is the organisation well equipped to manage change etc.

Signpost Six will provide an organisational assessment and roadmap with a plan for risk mitigation measures. In the next phase we propose to rollout learning solutions for all personnel to be trained on early warning indicators and escalation paths. This is not about internal betrayal. It’s about good co-workership and duty of care towards each other. The starting point is that nobody wishes to derail.

In such an environment it is also prudent to research the various case studies of concern against the path to derailment. Why did they derail and why not others? Could we identify various contributing factors like personal predispositions, situational stressors, concerning behaviours, typical organisational responses and a process for preparing for the unlawful act? Insights into the processes the individuals went through can support the agency with pointers for prevention. Signpost Six fully conducts such research projects.