Cyber stalking of a politician

A long term politician has been very active on his social media accounts over the last few years. It’s become an integral part of his life and professional visibility. However, over the last  few months he has been receiving hateful messages on his account from an anonymous sender. At first he blocked the sender but when the anonymous sender was able to create new accounts, the problem not only continued but also escalated. The hate messages are now not only directed towards the politician but also his family is being threatened. The security team of the politician requests a thorough examination of the identity of the author and the threat the author poses to him and his family.

Signpost Six starts with digital (and non-digital if applicable) data collection against a timeline to facilitate the subsequent assessment. We conduct a digital analysis to identify the author as well as a behavioural threat assessment to gain a further understanding of the actual threat and its potential escalation path and imminence towards acting upon the threat. Both digital and behavioural analyses support the aim to identify the author. Signpost Six provide management advisory for the target of the threats and assist the target in his engagements with law enforcement for management follow up.