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Insider Threat Response: Effective Case Management

Insider risks can pose a significant threat to your organisation’s reputation, financial stability, and overall security. It is imperative to take immediate action if you are currently dealing with an ongoing insider incident, which is where Signpost Six can help!

At Signpost Six, we understand the urgency of managing insider risk cases. Our expert team specialises in insider risk case management, providing tailored solutions to help you mitigate risks and protect your assets. We know that every moment counts when it comes to insider risk incidents. That’s why we offer a fast and comprehensive approach to insider risk case management.

  • Incident Response

    Our expert team will evaluate and manage the situation, reducing potential harm and assisting your organisation in regaining control.

  • Case Management

    We perform meticulous inquiries to uncover the root cause of the incident, collecting vital evidence for efficient case management and resolution.

  • Custom Countermeasures

    Informed by our findings, we create and execute targeted strategies to counteract the threat, protecting your organisation's valuable assets and information.

Let's talk numbers

of the organisations say they feel some degree of vulnerability to insider threats
0 %
of organisations surveyed experienced an insider-related incident in the past year
0 %
Average cost of an insider threat incident in 2022. Up 34% from $11.45M in 2021
$ 0 M
of organisations are seeing an increase in inisder threats over the past 12 months
0 %

Why signpost six?

Where psychology meets technology

By choosing Signpost Six for your insider incident, you’re choosing a team of experts who specialise in the field, offer customised solutions, and respond rapidly to mitigate risks and protect your critical assets.

We have a proven track record of successfully managing insider incidents for our clients. Our expertise and professionalism have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in insider risk case management.

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