Elsine van Os

Posted by | March 9, 2021
Five reasons why we created a serious game

We've all been there, clicking through an endless parade of bullet-point slides during a computer-based training (CBT). Surely there are more engaging ways to deliver training content. And there is!...

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Posted by | January 28, 2021
[Dutch] Van hacken naar lekken: een roep in de woestijn

Foto van Nathan McBride op Unsplash Door: Elsine van Os Kernpunten: Dagelijks wordt gevoelige data uit systemen, bewust en onbewust, gelekt en hier moeten betere integrale maatregelen voor komen. De...

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Posted by | January 4, 2021
Why Hostile Work Climates Provoke Insider Risk

Photo by Alejandro Ortiz When employees go rogue, hostile work climates might be part of the cause By Scott Dust & Elsine van Os In Psychology Today One year ago,...

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Posted by | December 13, 2020
[In Dutch] Noodzaak tot integrale blik op spionage voor bedrijfsleven en overheid

Bron: WNL 13 december 2020 Kernpunten: Nederland loopt voorop in een aantal strategische sectoren die van interesse zijn voor buitenlandse inlichtingendiensten en is daarmee onderdeel van het spionage strijdtoneel.   Juist...

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Posted by | October 15, 2020
A Professional Approach to ‘Whole-Person’ Insider Risk Management

Picture by  Andrew Neel Highlights Insider risk management is more important than ever before The demand for insider risk professionals is growing  Training, now online, is a key component to...

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Posted by | October 7, 2020
Now available: Online insider risk management training

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash After months of hard work and anticipation, Signpost Six now announces its new insider risk management training. The best part about it? It is...

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Posted by | September 15, 2020
Article: The cyber security waterbed effect: insider risks on the increase.

The geopolitical tensions in the world, especially between China, Russia and the United States, have emphasized the targeting of Western secrets. With organizations still investing heavily to prevent external cyber...

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Posted by | September 4, 2020
E-book: Chinese espionage operations and tactics by Nick Eftimiades

At this crucial moment in time when US-China tensions and espionage are daily news, Nick Eftimiades has written yet another unique work on Chinese espionage operations and tactics. This long...

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SPS online training
Posted by | July 30, 2020
Signpost Six proudly announces its very own ONLINE insider risk management training programme

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLnZz0dzSLw Curious to learn more? Register your interest below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! (more…)

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Posted by | July 29, 2020
UPDATE- We’re open for registration for our European Insider Risk Management Masterclass

Please join our programme in The Hague on 25-26 November 2020. It's a small group setting so don't wait too long to secure your place. See the pdf for further information....

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