Article in Dutch: 5G and the Trojan Horse

English introduction:

China strives for technological and strategic dominance over the West. China’s strategic ambitions are evident in many areas and the telecom sector is certainly one of the more manifest battlegrounds. In order to achieve its strategic goals, Beijing employs a wide variety of instruments including state support for Chinese technology firms, conducive legal frameworks and covert activities such as espionage. The West’s increased dependence on China extends to vital sectors, including  telecommunications. As an open and vulnerable Western economy heavily reliant upon international trade, the Netherlands strives to bring about a level playing field in global (and Chinese) markets. However, from a counterintelligence point of view, the Netherlands must strive for an uneven playing field in which Dutch technological and non-technological resilience against Chinese technological encroachment reigns supreme. Stimulating the Dutch and European high-tech industry
through targeted investments in R&D and the development of independent advanced technologies is therefore not only a matter of competitiveness but also crucially important to Dutch and European national security.

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