Andy Swarbrick BSc, MA

Fraud Detection and Data Analysis Technology Expert

Andy Swarbrick BSc, MA

Andy is a Fraud Detection and Data Analysis Technology Expert specialising in cybersecurity and the development of new technologies for investigating behaviour and risk for government and commercial clients. 

Andy has over a decade of experience with leading international defence and security consultancy companies. During this time, Andy pioneered the introduction of network analysis and behavioural analytics for the detection of fraud and serious crime.  He was also responsible for the development of new techniques and tradecraft which led to the identification of many millions of pounds of tax fraud and previously undetectable criminal activity within the first year of operation. He is strongly proponent of a holistic approach to managing complex risks.

He has long-held expertise in the development and mentoring of analytical teams in techniques and managing risk associated with dealing with personal data. He is also focussed on the design and support of client programme teams for the introduction of new analytical technologies and organisational change programmes for mitigating both internal and external cyber security threats.

Andy is currently directing his expertise towards the detection and management of Insider Risk programmes. He provides advice and practical guidance to senior management on internal monitoring, the use of pattern, statistical and behavioural analysis techniques to identify suspected cases of internal fraud and uses organisational modelling and profiling to identify behavioural indicators of risk.

Andy is Director of J2S Insider Risk and a Director of Tenian Limited, a cyber security partnership that provides services to UK Government Departments.