An Gaiser

Investigative interviewing

An Gaiser is an expert in investigative interviewing with many years of in-depth experience in complex and high stake interviews in the domain of law enforcement as well as screening programmes. She applies non-verbal communication methods to assess and maximise interviewing results. An’s expertise is particularly relevant in screening programmes for insider risk pre-employment, in-employment and in organisational change processes.

She also provides training programmes non-verbal communication methods, called Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis from the Institute of Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis (INSA) of which she is a managing partner.  An has a background in social work and started her career as a probation officer. After nine years at the probation office, she made the switch to policy within the Dutch government. In this role, she applied her experience in politically sensitive environments and issues. In 2014, she founded her own company called AboutFace.